About Us

The El Salvador National Rugby League side made their Test Match debut in Sydney, Australia on June 11, 2016 against Chile. But the seeds that we grew from were planted much earlier.

Due to the influx of Salvadoran Refugees during the civil war in the late 80’s and early 90’s quite a number of Salvadorans grew up watching and playing the greatest game of all: Rugby League. Due to the realisation in 2013 that there had to be a number of Salvadorans who play, the idea was to form a team.
As luck would have it, another party had a very similar idea, although that idea was much older. The Latin Heat Rugby League was in its formative stage when the two parties combined to focus on Rugby League for all of Latin America.
We play regular international Test matches looking to improve upon our world ranking and face better and better opposition.
We aim to be the top Latin American rugby league nation and work towards a top 20 international ranking with the ultimate goal to represent El Salvador at a World Cup.